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Multiseal is a high quality, non discolouring, elastic one component construction joint sealant.


MS Polymer® based, free from isocyanate, silicone and polyurethane. V.O.C. free.


Main characteristics are:


• excellent adhesion on many surfaces

• permanently elastic after curing

• Odourless

• can be painted immediately or within 48 hours after application

• excellent weather resistance

• resistance to many chemicals Multiseal has been studied for sealing of metal joints, fenders, doors, hoods, engine compartments, trunks, etc.


MULTISPRAY EVO is a moisture curing one component sealant based on a new generation of sylilated polymers.


MULSTISPRAY EVO may be applied as a seam, by brush or by spray for a perfect OEM sealant match or as a “body” application.


Once applied MULTISPRAY EVO hardens in a short time into a highly elastic and tough seal with excellent barrier properties.


Its major features are:

- It doesn’t change colour after long term external exposure

- Permanently elastic

- Adheres on many surfaces:


Bare and EC metal, stainless steel, painted and primed metal ( for powder paint the application of Primer 1000 is necessary), many composites and plastic materials ( due to the variety of plastic components a preliminary trial is recommended). Will not adhere on PP, PE, TEFLON.

- Good resistance to environmental and chemical agents


MULTISPRAY EVO is applied in many industrial and car body manufacturing units either as a sealant ( joints, hoods, cavities, engine compartment etc..) either as adhesive (applied with notched spatula) for bonding pavements and panels of different materials.

» SP 5
SP 5

SP5 is a one-component polyurethane adhesive sealant.


It is used in automotive industry for sealing flanges, welded beads and spots in  front and back car body , trunk bottom and car floor.


SP5 provides an excellent barrier against water, dust and humidity infiltration in joints and in inside  the car. It is resistant to mild chemical agent


SP5 is also used for:

* jointing and bonding in metal construction

* floor-joints subjected to medium low movement

* bonding of vibrating parts in coachworks and containers



ADVANTSEAL is a one component SYLILATED POLYMER sealant hardening by reaction with air humidity.


ADVANTSEAL is easy to apply and smooth and has a thixotropic consistency allowing for application in vertical thick layers without sagging. Once hardened it is tough and elastic.


Among the most recommended applications with ADVANTSEAL are : internal and external joint applications, metal flanges and overlaps, gel coat, fibreglass, glass, natural stone, wood and most common plastic ( a preliminary trial in this case is recommended).


ADVANTSEAL is also recommended for elastic bonding between different materials.


The majority of applications will not require the preliminary application of a primer 


SWS - STOP WATER STRIP is a butyl adhesive tape recommended for sealing different materials such as degreased metal ( primed and galvanized), glass, wood, plastic, ceramic from moisture, water and dust.


SWS - STOP WATER STRIP works in a wide range of temperatures while remaining flexible at low temperatures and maintains good cohesive properties at high temperatures.

» 240/240 Z
240/240 Z

240  is a preformed mastic in loaves, grey coloured.


It's used for sealing cables passages, holes and cracks of big dimension too.


It adheres on any kind of surfaces remaining permanently plastic.


240 Z is a preformed mastic in loaves, black coloured.


It's used for sealing cables passages, holes and cracks of big dimension too.


It adheres on any kind of surfaces remaining permanently plastic.


BRUSHABLE 737 is a solvent based thixotropic sealant for seams and flanges to be applied by brush or bead.


It may be applied to the flanged or welded metals in front and rear parts of car body, baggage compartment, floor area and the interior floor pan area.


BRUSHABLE 737 dries in a short time and may be accelerated in the oven. Once hardened it will not crack and provides an excellent barrier against water or humidity infiltrations.

» 230/1B

230/IB is a butyl based sealer with good characteristics of adhesion, cohesion and elasticity.


It's mainly used in building industry for sealing aluminium and glass casing, where is necessary resistance to water and air passage.       


Thanks to its adhesion and good E-modulus, it absorbs  excellently thermal expansion of the structures.


230/IB is also used for sealing box-type parts, sheet junctions, EPDM seals, etc.