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Reduce Downtime  ?


Unscheduled maintenance and longer than expected change outs cost these operations money and tie up valuable man power. When operations are designed to run every minute of the day, unexpected stoppages need to be eliminated to ensure production goals are met.


Factor in that many installations are found in remote locations and function in extreme environments, the need for a high performance locknut with easy installation and removal becomes paramount.


The only answer is : the  J.Lanfranco self locking nut


Lanfranco’s self locking nuts are used in parts of crushers Ball Mills, SAG Mills, crushers and detection methods.


All suffer from very significant vibration, and may have corrosion problems involving much maintenance and addition many dowtimes for production.


Because of loosening problems  some may choose to weld both parts (screw/nut) or use a Huckbolt system (that is permanent) but when maintenance is required production will be stopped for very long time, operations last for long.


One of the major advantages with a Lanfranco self locking nut is that you can remove it easily (galling won’t occur), no need of specials tools, it’s an easy and quick operation.  Until maintenance is required as our self locking nuts won’t loosen no downtime will occur, this will increase production and decrease maintenance cost.


European, Canadian and American company actually using  our self locking nuts:




Application for Equipments

  • Shredders, Drilling
  • Conveyer Belts
  • Ball Crushers


Self-locking nuts are entirely metallic with elastic properties that allow to reuse the nut several times ensuring superior strength on a number of factors that can cause loosening: vibrations, shocks, impacts, alternative current. The one piece nut  "entirely metallic" concept ensures that neither the extreme temperatures and corrosion can affect their capacity to adjust.


One of the advantages of this self-locking nut is that it does not damage the external thread of the screw and this allows you to extend the life of the Assembly even in applications with stainless steel in which applies an anti-galling, a permanent solid coating (made from zinc or Tin according to customer's preference).


This anti-galling make unnecessary the use of grease.


The ESL nuts reduce the time of installation and maintenance operations, it will ensure an increasing production.