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Mader Coating

Mader Coating

Mäder devotes 10% of its turnover to R&D activities and focuses on highly technical market segments. These segments have high entry barriers and call for constant technological advancement and a response to the ever-growing environmental constraints.
Walter Mäder AG
Industriestrasse 1
8956 Killwangen Suisse

The history of the Mäder Group began in 1993 in Maroeuil, in the Pas-de-Calais, France.

Corsain, specialising in the manufacture of paint, was in the process of being acquired a large group.


Jobs in Maroeuil were clearly threatened in the short term by this takeover. With the vision of Antonio Molina, a number of employees and the local Mayor took action to establish a takeover that would guarantee jobs. The objective was not to break up Corsain, but to rapidly expand the business firstly on a national level to secure the future, and then to establish it on a European and international level.


To achieve this, Antonio Molina decided to opt for the development of high-technology products – leading to the takeover of Bolloré Jival (industrial paint, notably for the Aviation market) in 1996, and Soritec-Corsolac (paint for Plastics and General Industry) in 1999.


Other acquisitions followed, but it was in 2000 that a decisive step forward was taken in the development of the business with the takeover of the Swiss Group, Mäder: a group specialising in environmentally-friendly paint and high-technology resins.


For fifteen years the Group’s activities were to focus on three main areas: resins, paint and services. International expansion continued, notably by the setup of partnerships and the creation of subsidiaries and production sites: the prime objective being to optimise sales/marketing, production and research activities.


Since then, growth of the Mäder Group has been built on a number of core principles:


  • Fast, proactive, controlled growth, with respect for cultural and social values.
  • External growth able to ensure constant synergy between newly integrated and existing companies.
  • Balanced growth between the various historic countries that have become the foundations of international development.
  • Organic growth largely sustained by technological products, high added-value niche markets, and focused commercial teams.


Wherever our expertise is required to meet your every need in terms of industrial paints :


protection system for automotive parts paint for industrial structure frames conducting paint


A whole world of technology tailored to your use.


  • anti-erosion paint
  • anti-graffiti paint
  • zinc roofing paint
  • ground marking paint
  • dipping paint
  • single-coat anti-corrosion paint
  • solvent and water-based finishes