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J. Lanfranco

J. Lanfranco

Our machinery is cutting edge and has been specially designed, developed and built to produce the highest quality precision fasteners in the world.


Head Office
37, Avenue de Saint-Mandé
75012 PARIS

Founded in 1974, J.Lanfranco & Co. specializes in the manufacturing of safety critical self-locking nuts and other precision fasteners.

Located in Central France, our modern 55,000ft2 factory is centered around ultra-automated machinery and the most innovative manufacturing techniques. Coupled with our vast and modern warehouse we are able to ensure the highest level of responsiveness to customer needs.


For almost 40 years, our company has- thanks to the quality of our ISO 9001 certified products – become the trusted partner of the largest ordering parties in the Railway, Military, Aeronautical and Energy sector.

In 1996, J.Lanfranco and Co. expanded its export capacity by opening its Canadian subsidiary, J.Lanfranco Inc., in Montreal with the mission of support the North American market.

A Brazilian subsidiary, Lanfranco Amsud, was opened in 2008. Situated in Sao Francisco do Sul, Lanfranco Amsud was created in response to the rapidly expanding South American market.

With a worldwide presence, the entire Lanfranco Team remains committed and focused on providing the highest quality products and technical expertise to performance driven customers.